Your Only Limit Is You

What is it?

A major global initiative, Gemini uses the game-changing power of XO (a next-generation enterprise cryptocurrency) to reward and incentivise people to play their chosen (team or solo) sport to a level specified by their participating club, thus benefitting themselves, the sport, society and the club in a multitude of ways. There are no costs, obligations or commitments for people or for their club in participating

How does it work?

Millions of pounds worth of XO is given to people playing their club's approved sport (each club decides the amount of XO to be awarded and under what basis) and once they receive their XO, they can use them in a wide range of ways for a variety of purposes. All Gemini sporting activity is self-certified by the participating person and is open to everyone over 16, participating on a non-professional basis through their club. The entire programme is designed to be self-driven, self-sustaining, managed online and community supervised. See diagram of how Gemini works

How does it help?

The health and socio-economic benefits of people playing sport is significant. Gemini's objective, therefore, is to use the transformative power of XO to engender, stimulate, reward and incentivise people to play more sport and so benefit themselves, their communities, society and the public in general - at scale: locally, nationally and across the world. For clubs, the benefits are also financial and commercial

How do people benefit?
How do clubs benefit?

Gemini incentivises people to become more active through sport and they benefit from this socially, physically, mentally and in terms of their overall heath and wellbeing. There are no costs, obligations or commitments for people in participating and as they receive their XO through their personal sporting activity/effort (under the purview of the club they support and with fellow participants), it gives them a sense of achievement, accomplishment and camaraderieship as well. Once they receive their XO, they can also benefit financially too by using them for a range of social, personal and business purposes (e.g. to buy high quality goods and services at private and exclusive, specially negotiated, prices and deals). This also gives them a sense of satisfaction and gratification as well from the entire endeavour, which they can repeat as many times as they wish (i.e. the more they benefit, the more active they will want to get)

There are no costs, obligations or commitments for a club in participating in Gemini but by doing so, it benefits from increased commercial activity and fan/supporter engagement and also from potentially significant, long-term increases in its income. It also becomes more active in the health and welfare of its fans/supporters and of the general public, which helps to generate and increase positive publicity, PR, goodwill and brand loyalty for the club. In practical terms: the club's fan/supporter base participate in Gemini by carrying out self-certified club approved sporting activity under the purview of the club, thus building stronger and more sustained sporting, social, economic and emotional bonds between the club and themselves, which ultimately benefits the club commercially and financially now and in the long-term

Diagram of how Gemini works

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